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A catalyst for retail digitalization

Grit, perseverance, and passion from all of our employees have made us a leading catalyst for retail digitalization, creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale, making our customers successful in a fully connected world.

For three decades, our ideas, technology, and people have changed how retailers work and transformed an entire industry. Our electronic shelf labels (ESL) are designed and engineered in Sweden, and we carefully examine every detail of the product to ensure the highest possible quality.

At Pricer, our employees are the reason for our success, yesterday, today, and in the years to come. We want to continue to succeed in a growing market, and we are therefore looking for new colleagues who want to work in a truly global and multicultural company with innovation in its DNA and a prestigeless culture. We can guarantee that you will get great, driven, and highly skilled colleagues. Together we are building the foundation for an expanding and exciting future.


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Working at Pricer

"We are the core of retail digitization and an innovation leader in our market. You are welcome to join us in our mission to transform retail."

The corporate story

Pricer develops and manufactures the world's most reliable digital store communication system based on electronic shelf labels (ESL). We help retailers around the world to solve several key and time-consuming in-store challenges by streamlining critical processes in the store, such as price updates, in-store picking, and inventory.

Our system provides a stable platform for reaching out with messages, product information, and offers to the shoppers. By developing technical solutions and services that are easy to implement, apply, and use, we help our customers blur the boundaries between different sales channels in an increasingly digitalized and connected world.

Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

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